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I was at RailsConf last week. It was surprisingly enjoyable - I say "surprisingly" because I've had a mixed experience with rubyists in the past.

When I was young, I often used to sit moodily in the corner at nightclubs getting drunk and nursing a burning hatred of all the hip and socially successful kids as they rocked their mascara and snakebite combos. Sometimes Ruby events evoke this horrific memory.

Not that I dislike Ruby itself. I mean, it isn't life changing like Scheme or anything, but it is interesting, and quirky, and playful, and at times beautiful. But those rubyists on their fixies in their skinny jeans, well, they make me want to stick my fingers down my throat so I can throw up my rice cake and reclaim my cheekbones.

RailsConf was pretty good though. Marco (a traveling companion) had been before - he told me it had "grown up". Well, so am I, so it stands to reason that we'd get along better now. There were some hipsters, yes, but there were tons of regular nerds too. I enjoyed that.

Here is Gary Vaynerchuk's keynote from the show. I'd never heard of him before, but this was very amusing and I liked his thinking.

Baltimore was also good, although I only saw the inner harbour and the light rail route to the airport. I would like to come back and see more of the place, now that Stringer Bell is gone and Marlo Stanfield has things under control.



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